You may be familiar with the term ‘saving face’ but we would like the give you ‘shaving face! This procedure may sound unusual at first but when you see and feel the results you’ll know why it’s got a cult following. Often referred to as ‘the filter effect’, it’s the secret to the flawlessly satin complexions of supermodels and celebrities. 

The treatment may sound daunting but it has stormed the Asian market for years and, pardon the pun, but they are always at the cutting edge of modern skincare! At a 45 degree angle, a small scalpel lightly removes the dead skin cells, fuzz and pollution from the surface of the skin. This not only provides a smoother base for make up and foundation but it allows your skincare to work harder and penetrate deeper. The treatment is followed by a hydrating mask that really leaves your skin looking and feeling flawless.

In the weeks that follow maximise your beauty routine to its fullest potential as anything you apply will sink into the dermis deeper than ever before! That means no falling asleep with your make up on after a Friday night out out. Optimise your results with a hydrating facial or sheet mask and your skin will drink up the goodness tenfold. Follow us as we lead the way to a flawless complexion.