Our girls have quickly gained notoriety as the brow queens of Surrey, with many of you religiously coming back again and again for that monthly brow fix. With many treatments on offer here, we will talk you through your brow grooming options so you know exactly what you are booking! 

HD brows are a totally tailored, bespoke service to achieve the brows you’ve always dreamed of! Whether you lust after a fuller brow, a higher arch or a more defined look, HD brows is a really transformative option to give you the eyebrows you’ve always lusted after. 

There’s good reason it is the UK’s most popular brow treatment. It really is all singing, all dancing with waxing threading, tweezing and tinting, it covers all bases. You begin each treatment with a full consultation to access exactly what you are hoping to achieve for your brows. Then we move onto your custom blended tint. We understand that skin tones and hair colours are all unique and we create a shade to complement you personally. Next, we move on to the hair removal with a range of techniques to get the perfect shape, arch and definition. Finally, we top it off with a little brow make up and a tutorial on how to keep you brows in tact until your next visit.

It may sound like a lengthy process but it’s worth it. The effects of HD brows can last around 4-6 weeks, however this can vary depending on your hair growth. It can really transform your whole look. If brows are the canvas of the face then HD brows are the Da Vinci. Try it and see.