Getting a massage is one of those weird things that everyone loves but very few people do regularly. It is forever resigned to be one of those holiday activities that never happen at home, along with drinking pina coladas and indulging in a 4 course breakfast buffet.

There are so many health benefits to having a massage beyond just relaxation that it’s something we should all be doing. Massage is actually a fantastic weight loss tool, it reduces stress and inflammation in your body which in turn lowers cortisol levels. High cortisol results in stubborn fat deposits so if your putting in the hours in the gym this is a great way to counteract the pressure you are putting on your body.

Massage is also a great way to help lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, relieve muscle soreness and detox your lymphatic system. The health and wellness advantages are endless, plus it just feels like a real treat and your deserve.

It’s the ultimate act of self care so show your body some love and book in.

Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure

Bio Sculpture Gel brings colour to a mani-pedi, but it comes as a durable gel that is “cured” with the help of LEDs. This process helps the gel set perfectly smooth, protecting and strengthening your nail in the process while preventing damage to the nail bed. One of the best features is how long it stays chip-free and smudgeless – Bio Sculpture Gel could even last longer than three weeks!

This is another point in Bio Gel’s favour. Many imitation gel polishes damage the nail when they are removed. When it comes time to take it off, the Bio Sculpture Gel manicure is removed with a soak-off solution that helps to keep the nails in their natural condition. From beginning to end, the entire treatment works to keep your nails looking their best, even when the gel has been removed.

It’s more than just a quality, strong manicure: Bio Sculpture Gel is all about natural nail health, too. This means it has been formulated with quality ingredients that don’t harm your nails or skin, and Bio Sculpture Gel is a nail care system that is free of any binders, primers, and harmful chemicals like camphor, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin. The application treatments also don’t need dehydration prior to application or excess buffing to work. By using Bio Sculpture Gel, you can help strengthen your nails and help them grow longer and healthier. The system can be used to lengthen and reinforce the natural nail bed and cuticle, build upper arch support, and build extended nail “sculptures” where the nail is built up and shaped around a form or to a specific shape by the nail artist. There are so many more options with this type of nail gel, and the results will last a lot longer than conventional mani-pedi treatments.

When it comes to applying it, training and education is incredibly important. Any nail technician that use Bio Sculpture Gels have committed to and undergone a training program to make sure everything is applied correctly and safely.