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These are strange and uncertain times for everyone but life is all about perspective and there are always 2 ways to look at something.

The fast paced lifestyle we all know so well only seemed to gain momentum and accelerate further each year. Life today is measured by extremes and more is always more. How much you can get done, how frequently you travel, how many followers you have, how much money you can make. Time became so precious and every moment of our days planned and organised. Somewhere we got our priorities confused and the fundamentals of life like health, family and nature got put on the back burner. 

There is a sweetness in this enforced simplicity and it’s opportunity to get back to basics. We are choosing to see this isolation as being given back the gift of time, an opportunity to tip the balance back in the right direction and reassess our priorities. 

Having said that this can be tough on your mental and physical health and one of the most powerful tools we have to aid that is self care. If you’ve spent every day in a tracksuit and slippers on the sofa the chances are your not feeling so fresh so here our top tips from your favourite glam squad to feeling great and keeping positive in the midst of everything.


Apply some caster oil or brow conditioner and give them some TLC… they’ve also been through a lot. 

Less is more with the brows! Take this opportunity (whilst hiding away) to try and grow those ‘anti social’ parts of the brow and try not to get too tweezer happy.

Pluck any unnecessary hairs that are away from the bulk of the brow and in desperate times delicately trim instead of attacking… you’ll thank me later 

Anyone who’s been brave enough to DIY tint, make sure you look for colours that aren’t warm to avoid orangey tones! And ALWAYS REMEMBER, if you are reaching for the fake tan to use barrier cream in your brows (Vaseline is a safe bet) tint and fake tan are NOT friends! 


While everyone’s having a break with no gel nails, to try use cuticle oil everyday on them – helping them grow faster and stronger ready for when they can be done again Bryony loves OPI cuticle oil!


As many people have been shaving since lockdown I would advise to “put the razor down!” Let the hairs start to grow and start looking after their skin that we so often neglect.

I recommend to exfoliate 2 x week with a body scrub that can be used all over the body and to start using a moisturiser in the evening.. I like to use the Caudalie Divine oil. This helps to get rid of the ingrown hairs due to shaving and hydrated skin gives best results for waxing, leaving the skin soft allowing the hairs to come out nice and easy!


Limit washing you hair to only twice a week.

Always use heat protecting spray before you blow dry your hair and on a cool setting and make sure the roots are bone dry. If your hair is left damp in the roots the bonds can fuse together. This will help prevent matting.

Heat protection spray also must be used before styling your hair with heated tools.

Plait your hair loosely before going to bed

Always use a gentle bristle boar brush and hold the middle of your hair as you gradually work your way up to prevent too much tension on the roots of your natural hair.

As your hair extensions grow down away from the root do not pull and fiddle with them. This could risk tension and stress on your natural hair.

Always use Beauty Works Online After care.

DM me for a private FaceTime call if you need any help with removal of you hair extensions and advice.

It’s very important for them to be removed if overdue to protect your natural hair.

Happy to FaceTime time and give the best advice to anyone that has extensions.


During these unprecedented times anxiety can take hold and nothing seems normal. We all need a bit of normal to hold onto in our daily lives! The most difficult part of it is the unknown and the internal unanswered questions we repeatedly ask ourselves. When will this end? When can I begin my life again? When will the world be as I knew it? 

Questions like these on repeat can drive you crazy. The stark reality is we are not in control right now…. what a scary thought! But we are in control of how we think. Take the time out of your daily commitments to breathe … just breathe and reconnect with you. Meditation is wonderful for this and a great tool to clear the fog and anxiety. Try to connect with your being and remind yourself that I am here, I am alive and I am me. This too will pass and although it may not be how we used to remember it the one consistent is within us. Our strength, our fight and our love.

A quote that I often refer to is by the Dalai Lama

“If it can be solved, then there is no need to worry, and if it can’t be solved, worry is of no use”

Stay safe, stay focused, stay connected  ❤️

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